Mineshaft Tavern, Madrid , NM
Molly's, Tijeras , NM
Second Street Brewery, Santa Fe , NM
Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Santa Fe , NM
Evangelo's, Santa Fe , NM

Evel Knievel Daze, Butte , MT
Azfest, Street Festival, Santa Fe , NM
Summer Scene, Outdoor Music Series, Santa Fe , NM
Second Street Experience, Street Festival, Santa Fe , NM

Personnel: The six members of the SWANK can
claim over 120 years of personal experience doing what they love; playing music.
The members are

Flash: Guitar, Vocals.
From: Cincinnati , Ohio .
35 years playing in roots music bands. Has played in opening acts for shows ranging from Junior Wells to Bill Monroe.

Curt Edwards; Drums
From; Raygun, South Dakota
In-demand session drummer in Northern New Mexico, has played with ten bands in one week.

Akeem Ayanniyi : Percussion, Vocals
From: Erin Osun, Nigeria.
Ninth generation of his family to play the traditional Yoruba talking drum. Performing since the age of five. Has toured much of Africa as well as Germany , Brazil , Sweden and the US as a performer and teacher.

Eddie Soleta: Bass, Vocals.
From: Manila , Philippines .
35 years playing salsa and samba percussion and electric bass. Member of the house band at Le Montmatre, top Bay-Area Latin music club, in the 70's.

Sample Swank...recorded live at the Second Street Brewery in Santa Fe
Esperanza mp3 1.4mb
Hideout 007 mp3 1.9mb

Upcomming Show Dates for The SWANK

Agalu, Thursday July 10 at the Santa Fe Plaza bandstand, 6:30, for the Folk Art Market kickoff.
Agalu, Sunday July 13 at the Folk Art Market main stage, 4:30.
Agalu, Wednesday July 16 at Second Street Brewery, 6:30.
Agalu, Thursday July 17 at GIG Performance Space.
Swank Bros with Agalu, Saturday July 31 at Second Street Brewery, 8:00.

Swank flyer

swank band NM

swank band

For booking and info, call 505/986-8234