Corporate Events

Let Agalu open your conference with an exhilarating blast of positive energy…or close your event with a joyous celebration of success. The rhythm of the drums draws people together, breaks the ice and focuses the energy of the group. Agalu can provide drums for hands-on sessions…great team-building events that will be remembered as the highlight of your corporate gathering. Drumming breaks down barriers of age, race, gender and religion as it demonstrates the power of working together joyously. Drumming workshops teach everyone on your team to listen, cooperate, complement and lead. Launch products and promotions with an exciting Agalu performance. Let the irresistible spirit of Agalu add spice to holiday parties, anniversary celebrations and recognition events. Reward your loyal clients with the natural "high" of an Agalu-facilitated drum circle. Count on Agalu to "drum up" positive vibrations appropriate for every corporate occasion.

School Events

Agalu makes education exciting! The exhilarating rhythms of the drums engage students of all ages from pre-school through graduate school. High-energy dancing ignites student enthusiasm. The Agalu program extends beyond a musical performance into teachings on West African culture, geography, arts and crafts. Authentic African musicians answer students' questions about the wide variety of drums they play (djembes, djun djuns, ashikos and talking drums as well as bells and sekeres). They teach traditional and contemporary African rhythms and show students how drums can talk. Colorful masked dancers add drama to the lively performances of various West African dances. Content is customized for age appropriateness and student interest. Agalu can provide drums for hands-on workshops where students learn not only about rhythm, but about how to listen, focus and cooperate with each other. Drum-making, batik-making and African tie-dye can be included in the program. Student participation in drumming, dancing, crafts and cultural exchange makes the Agalu school program an unforgettable experience for students and teachers.


Akeem Ayanniyi leads Agalu.  The "Ayan" prefix of Akeem's name Ayanniyi, indicates that he descends from a family lineage that can be traced back 700 years to the Yoruba deity of drumming, Ayan Agalu. As the ninth generation of his family to play the traditional Yoruba talking drum, Akeem, is from the Western Nigerian town of Erin Oshun near the historic art center of Oshogbo.He has been performing since the age of five and has, as a performer and teacher, toured much of Africa as well as Germany, Brazil, Sweden and the United States. Akeem settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1993 and founded Agalu in 1998.

Tunde Ojeyemi, who is also from Erin Oshun, has toured throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan. Tunde electrifies audiences with his mastery of bata, the "thunder drums" associated with the Yoruba Orisha, Shango, deity of thunder and lightning.


Ayo Adeyemi was born in Ijebu, Nigeria where he was initiated as a babalawo in the indigenous Yoruba religion, Ifa. He is a master of djembe and djun djun, who has been drumming, singing and dancing since he was a child. In the 1980s, Ayo, whose name means "happy", came to America where he lived and toured with renowned Yoruba master drummer Babatunde Olatunji for eight years. In the 1990s, Ayo was proprietor of Yoruba House in West Los Angeles. Today, he is touring with Agalu to offer his music and teachings to a wider audience. As a vocalist, Ayo rouses audiences when he joyously sings the praises of the Yoruba deities.

Guest performers from Nigeria often join the Agalu ensemble.

Akeem Ayanniyi
Musical Director
1631 Calle Sotero, Santa fe, N.M, 87507.
Phone: 505 920-4656

Agalu African Music, Nigeria branch.
No 1 Artist road, Ofatedo
Via Oshogbo,Osun state Nigeria
Telephone Number.....08034372907.
Contact name is Morufu Ayantayo Ameen.